Cycling along paddy fields in Sekinchan, Malaysia

To escape the city where I live I would go Sekinchan 60km away and get transported in the middle of paddy fields.





Here you will have depending on months either soothing green fields with golden rice or meadow of brown hay welcoming you. Cycling paths between the paddy fields goes on for miles with hardly any cars. Great for kids to cycle with you. But don’t forget the sunscreen as the lack of shade makes it a hot morning even if it only 9.30 am.

Sekinchan, known as part of the Malaysia’s Rice Bowl areas is just a small town but there is lots to explore. Worth repeat visits to sample the interesting fruits and food stalls, see for yourself skilled tradesmen of olden days in blacksmithing, life in a fishermen village. Nice little haven for cycling not far from the city.



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