Dangers of Mass Cycling

I like Mass Cycling events for the opportunity to meet friends, old and new. As a gathering of similar interest cyclists there is lots to talk about. However i am not a fan of cycling in a mass cycling event. I find it to be nerve wrecking actually with my trigger fingers permanently on standby to squeeze the brakes.

You are so alert of the cyclists surrounding you that you no longer notice or enjoy the scenery around you. So for someone who enjoys wide open space when bike touring i find mass cycling claustrophobic.

That’s why i guess the last sweeper of any mass cycling event knows me by name 🙂



Published by harisfhassan

Hi! I love bike touring and photography. Through the blog I hope to share with like-minded friends my travel stories and the pictures. I also like to read similar stories by others so let me know if you have similar stories in your blogs. Sharing is caring :-)

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