Life Lessons from Bicycle Touring – Reminder to Self


1. In life you must pay your dues in the long, hard and slow climb first before you can enjoy the rewards, the fast acceleration going downhill and the big smile on your face

2. If you started off your life easy going downhill, remember that whatever goes down must climb up again at some point (the flipside of the saying “whatever goes up must come down”). So remember to be humble, save what you earned today for tomorrow, make good friends along the way, as you never know what would be waiting for you at the end of a bend and whose helping hand you will be holding on to later.

3. In achieving anything in life, keep focused on your goal, take the challenges one revolution at a time (and keep on pedaling no matter how hard it gets or get down and push your bike to the finishing line if you have too) it will be a matter of time before you get there. The taste of success is sweeter when you have toiled for it.

4. As in life, you need to carry your own panniers, during good and bad times, excess baggage will only slow you down, so choose wisely what you carry in your life. Bike touring will teach you that you actually need very little to be happy and live your life.

5. Don’t go too fast in life, you will miss a lot of the simple pleasures along the way. Stop and relax once in a while.

6. Above all, appreciate and enjoy the journey too not just the destination.


Published by harisfhassan

Hi! I love bike touring and photography. Through the blog I hope to share with like-minded friends my travel stories and the pictures. I also like to read similar stories by others so let me know if you have similar stories in your blogs. Sharing is caring :-)

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