Bike Shops/Workshops in Bandung – Jalan Veteran

If you are ever in Bandung, make a visit to the row of bicycle shops along Jalan Veteran. All kinds of bike and bike accessories are available in one easy location. The shops mostly cater to mountain bike, downhill accessories, fixes and some road bikes. You can also find touring accessories.

One thing that strikes me are the mobile “bengkel sepeda” or bike workshop on wheels. We don’t have that yet in Malaysia, perhaps some entrepreneurs will start one soon. It will surely be a hit at the popular bike spots around town.

Bike Workshop on Wheels

Full house for service
GT touring bike

For those looking for touring bags and panniers I would recommend the brand “Eiger” which is homegrown Bandung outdoor brand with local manufacturing facilities in Bandung. In my view their quality is already international standards.


Full range touring frame bags and panniers


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2 thoughts on “Bike Shops/Workshops in Bandung – Jalan Veteran

  1. woww … bandung … i love cycling in bandung … there are so many exciting tracks here …
    go around the city by bicycle … it;s interesting …. cycle uphill many amazing spots around bandung

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