My Old Peugeot Explorer Rides Again

I love this old Peugeot Explorer 050 bike. Made circa 1985 in France. Its frame is made from HLE Mangalloy. Small, thin tubes, light but made to last. 7 speed Shimano Acera X group set.


Took it out for a spin this morning tackling some hilly stretch and it was as dependable as usual; no fuss no complaint; just kept going slow and steady.


Old is gold. Like a pair of old jeans it feels good when you put it on. You developed an instant connection and understanding between your body and your bike. That’s a rare feeling.


Thank you old buddy…


Published by harisfhassan

Hi! I love bike touring and photography. Through the blog I hope to share with like-minded friends my travel stories and the pictures. I also like to read similar stories by others so let me know if you have similar stories in your blogs. Sharing is caring :-)

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