Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) 2014 comes to Cahaya SPK

  The 2014 Le Tour de Langkawi is currently ongoing in Malaysia from 27th February to 8 March 2014. This year’s race is perhaps the most challenging for the riders as the temperature ranges from 36 to 40 degree Celsius during mid day. Add to that the current haze and drought the country is facing.Continue reading “Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) 2014 comes to Cahaya SPK”

Freedom is… Hitting the road again

As KL citizens go into its festive break for the Chinese New Year holidays from 30th January to 3rd February, many cyclists are heading out of the city for short bike tours. With a few friends, we are heading out from Shah Alam to Pangkor Island off the coast line of Perak (for info check outContinue reading “Freedom is… Hitting the road again”

Life Lessons from Bicycle Touring – Reminder to Self

1. In life you must pay your dues in the long, hard and slow climb first before you can enjoy the rewards, the fast acceleration going downhill and the big smile on your face 2. If you started off your life easy going downhill, remember that whatever goes down must climb up again at some point (theContinue reading “Life Lessons from Bicycle Touring – Reminder to Self”

Exploring Shah Alam City via the new Bike Lane Loops

Last July 2013, I post a link from a local newspaper report on a new bicycle lane that the city of Shah Alam is embarking on. click here for the post. The project is partly social engineering and partly urban renewal i.e. to get people in Shah Alam and the neighbouring areas  to take up aContinue reading “Exploring Shah Alam City via the new Bike Lane Loops”

Kia ora – Cycling Snapshots in New Zealand

Just came back from New Zealand last week. New Zealand is definitely a cycling paradise with its never ending scenic routes, blue skies, fresh air and all around bicycle friendly environment. Personally, I find the South Island to be more interesting for me given its wide open spaces where there is more sheep and cowsContinue reading “Kia ora – Cycling Snapshots in New Zealand”

Ride with the Legends

Last Sunday, 6th October 2013 I had the privilege to participate in an event called “Ride with the Legends” organized by Bermaz Motor, the Malaysian franchise-owner of Mazda vehicles. The family fun  ride was for a distance of 30km starting from the Mazda showroom at Glenmarie passing through Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid with a stop-overContinue reading “Ride with the Legends”

Disabled cyclist trying to pedal over 1,000km with bionic leg

A bit of local news to jolt me out of my lethargy after taking a one month plus break from cycling during Ramadan fasting month and the extended Eid celebration. What this one legged cyclist is doing is truly inspiring and I wish him all the best. Now, no more excuses for me to start cranking.Continue reading “Disabled cyclist trying to pedal over 1,000km with bionic leg”

Riding the Dragon Back

There is always something about birthdays that serves as a reminder that my life is fleeting and the very process of ageing into another “number” makes me so aware of being just a mere mortal in this world. That realisation in itself is enough to make me feel thankful to the All Mighty for stillContinue reading “Riding the Dragon Back”