Basikal Oh Basikal

Saya memang minat basikal dan suka mengayuh basikal dari kecil lagi. Sebenarnya saya mula belajar naik basikal agak lewat berbanding dengan rakan rakan sebaya iaitu pada umur 10 tahun pada tahun 1977. Diantara sebabnya ialah di rumah kami memang tidak ada basikal untuk di cuba dan arwah Abah waktu tu pulak naik motor Lambretta. PadaContinue reading “Basikal Oh Basikal”

My Solo Century Ride on a Touring Bike

Definition of Century Ride A century ride is a bicycle ride of 100 miles (160.9 km) or more within 12 hours, usually as a cycling club-sponsored event. Many cycling clubs sponsor an annual century ride as both a social event for cyclists and as a fund-raiser for the club’s other activities. Club-sponsored century rides typicallyContinue reading “My Solo Century Ride on a Touring Bike”

Putrajaya: The Cycling Capital of Malaysia

My earlier post on cycling in the haze in Putrajaya may not fully represents how beautiful this place is for cyclists and non cyclists alike (that’s my simplistic grouping of humankind in the world today). A week has passed and the air quality (and great pictures) has started to come back at Putrajaya and withContinue reading “Putrajaya: The Cycling Capital of Malaysia”

Cycling in the Malaysian Heat

The Formula 1 race in Sepang, Malaysia has always been touted as the “Hottest Race of the Year” and rightly so as the temperature outside the car can be in excess of 40 degree celcius plus the humidity. Inside the race car cockpit and with the driver in full uniform and a full face helmetContinue reading “Cycling in the Malaysian Heat”

Motobecane Special Sport Randonneur

“Made in France” bicycles were then a big business and France was at one time the king of bicycle production. Top bicycle brands were Peugeot, Motobecane and Gitane. This was before the center for mass production of bicycle for the world shifted to the East into Japan, China and Taiwan. Back then, French bicycles wereContinue reading “Motobecane Special Sport Randonneur”

Cycling for a Cause

We cycle for different reasons i.e. to keep healthy, for fun, social networking with friends and to make new friends; more often than not, it is always about ME. Today about 60 cyclists (connected and brought together by a Facebook posting) joined up to ride for a charitable cause, to collect funds for the HomeContinue reading “Cycling for a Cause”

Cycling with Kids – Seven Fun and Safe Routes

My three boys sometimes follow me cycling during the weekends. When we do cycle as a family, my main concern is to find a suitable route that is safe, fun with facilities ie public toilets, stalls selling refreshment, etc. for the boys. Although the housing area that we are staying is a great place toContinue reading “Cycling with Kids – Seven Fun and Safe Routes”

An Old Bike is Like an Old Friend

I just love old bicycles. To me they have so much character, with all their nicks and cuts, scars from the mileage they have put in over the many years.The fact that many of these old bicycles survived until today is proof that they were built to last. Like an old friend, they know aContinue reading “An Old Bike is Like an Old Friend”

My Brompton, the little bike that could

These kind of shots are common for bike owners and especially for Brompton owners. The bikes are always positioned leaning against a wall, post, tree, bush etc (having bike stand not cool?) against nice backdrop minus the cyclists (of course, otherwise there will be no pictures). These pictures adorned our laptop wall papers like someContinue reading “My Brompton, the little bike that could”