Getting owned by my clipless pedal

I have not taken my road bike out for more than 8 months. It sits at the corner, forlornly, with flat tires waiting for its turn to hit the road (or get back at me). These days I much prefer my  mountain bike for a quick spin around the neighbourhood. The truth is maybe I’mContinue reading “Getting owned by my clipless pedal”

Riding the Dragon Back

There is always something about birthdays that serves as a reminder that my life is fleeting and the very process of ageing into another “number” makes me so aware of being just a mere mortal in this world. That realisation in itself is enough to make me feel thankful to the All Mighty for stillContinue reading “Riding the Dragon Back”

Bike Touring in Malaysia: Putrajaya to Malacca (Day 1: Putrajaya to Pengkalan Balak 114km)

The night before my first long bike tour I could not sleep well, call it excitement, nerves or what have you, but my mind was occupied with anticipation.That morning, I was up earlier than my alarm clock and I double checked the contents of my panniers and took out several things that I felt IContinue reading “Bike Touring in Malaysia: Putrajaya to Malacca (Day 1: Putrajaya to Pengkalan Balak 114km)”

Bike Touring in Malaysia: Simple Malay phrases for survival on the road

One thing good about the internet, it is borderless and distance does not mean anything anymore. You can skype with a friend at the other side of the world, thousands of miles away real-time. Of course you still have the different time zones to deal with. Malaysia sits on GMT + 8 hours so byContinue reading “Bike Touring in Malaysia: Simple Malay phrases for survival on the road”

Economics 101 of Cycling

There is a growing debate and criticisms of recreational weekend cycling activities that claim to be doing good for the environment ie “greenwashing”. Some claims that only utility cycling (carrying and transporting goods on a bicycle, trishaw, etc) and bicycle commuting for work or school (activities which otherwise would be done using vehicles that consumeContinue reading “Economics 101 of Cycling”

Bringing (Sexy) Cycling Back

Sixty years ago, I could imagine that cycling must be so commonplace in Malaysia. In many old P Ramlee movies like Bujang Lapok, Seniman Bujang Lapok, and Ibu Mertuaku, we can see that cycling was a major mode of transport for the common people while the rich segment of our society was being driven aroundContinue reading “Bringing (Sexy) Cycling Back”

“All Glory Comes From Daring To Begin”

Saya selalu juga membaca blog blog kisah kembara berbasikal mengelilingi dunia yang kadang kadang memakan masa lebih dari setahun dan saya selalu berfikir mampukah saya meninggalkan kerjaya, isteri dan anak anak dalam tempoh yang begitu lama untuk mengejar minat berbasikal dan mengembara. Saya tabik kepada mereka mereka yang mampu melakukan pengorbananan sedemikian tinggi. Sebenarnya sudahContinue reading ““All Glory Comes From Daring To Begin””

Basikal Oh Basikal

Saya memang minat basikal dan suka mengayuh basikal dari kecil lagi. Sebenarnya saya mula belajar naik basikal agak lewat berbanding dengan rakan rakan sebaya iaitu pada umur 10 tahun pada tahun 1977. Diantara sebabnya ialah di rumah kami memang tidak ada basikal untuk di cuba dan arwah Abah waktu tu pulak naik motor Lambretta. PadaContinue reading “Basikal Oh Basikal”

My Solo Century Ride on a Touring Bike

Definition of Century Ride A century ride is a bicycle ride of 100 miles (160.9 km) or more within 12 hours, usually as a cycling club-sponsored event. Many cycling clubs sponsor an annual century ride as both a social event for cyclists and as a fund-raiser for the club’s other activities. Club-sponsored century rides typicallyContinue reading “My Solo Century Ride on a Touring Bike”

Motobecane Special Sport Randonneur

“Made in France” bicycles were then a big business and France was at one time the king of bicycle production. Top bicycle brands were Peugeot, Motobecane and Gitane. This was before the center for mass production of bicycle for the world shifted to the East into Japan, China and Taiwan. Back then, French bicycles wereContinue reading “Motobecane Special Sport Randonneur”