Audax Malaysia’s inaugural 200km BRM #audaxrandonneursmalaysia

As a touring cyclist, I had never ever thought of cycling 220km a day and on top of that, the distance has to be completed within 13.5 hours. This goes directly against my “go slow and enjoy the sights” attitude when I cycle. Before yesterday, the furthest I’ve done in a day was 140km; withContinue reading “Audax Malaysia’s inaugural 200km BRM #audaxrandonneursmalaysia”

Kayuhan Asam Pedas : Cahaya SPK Shah Alam ke Jeram Kuala Selangor

Assalam. Pada cuti umum Deepavali baru baru ini, Abang Zol, Muzammil serta anaknya dan saya sempat mencuri sedikit masa untuk melakukan kayuhan santai dari Cahaya SPK ke Jeram, Kuala Selangor. Kayuhan “tiba tiba” yang dipersetujui secara spontan melalui Facebook ini merupakan kayuhan “reunion” bersama Abang Zol dan Muzammil setelah hampir 2 tahun tidak mengayuh bersama.Continue reading “Kayuhan Asam Pedas : Cahaya SPK Shah Alam ke Jeram Kuala Selangor”

My Old Peugeot Explorer Rides Again

I love this old Peugeot Explorer 050 bike. Made circa 1985 in France. Its frame is made from HLE Mangalloy. Small, thin tubes, light but made to last. 7 speed Shimano Acera X group set. Took it out for a spin this morning tackling some hilly stretch and it was as dependable as usual; noContinue reading “My Old Peugeot Explorer Rides Again”

Getting owned by my clipless pedal

I have not taken my road bike out for more than 8 months. It sits at the corner, forlornly, with flat tires waiting for its turn to hit the road (or get back at me). These days I much prefer my  mountain bike for a quick spin around the neighbourhood. The truth is maybe I’mContinue reading “Getting owned by my clipless pedal”

The Dragon Back Revisited

I returned to the Dragonback today with a camera to take some pictures of cyclists going through the last hurdle before the long descent. For those who have experienced the Dragonback it is mostly a mental game. The last hurdle is the toughest as your muscles have become tight and the temptation to rest inContinue reading “The Dragon Back Revisited”

A big THANK YOU for all readers for the 15,000 views milestone today

Hi everyone! When I started this little blog last year I just wanted to share cycling stories with friends having similar interests. Although we speak Malay most of the time, I thought of writing in English so that more people can learn about Malaysia and cut through the language barriers. After all, cycling is aContinue reading “A big THANK YOU for all readers for the 15,000 views milestone today”

Bike Shops/Workshops in Bandung – Jalan Veteran

If you are ever in Bandung, make a visit to the row of bicycle shops along Jalan Veteran. All kinds of bike and bike accessories are available in one easy location. The shops mostly cater to mountain bike, downhill accessories, fixes and some road bikes. You can also find touring accessories. One thing that strikesContinue reading “Bike Shops/Workshops in Bandung – Jalan Veteran”

Cycling in Bali

I’m currently in Bali until tomorrow for a short break. The last time i was here was 8 years ago. This place has really changed and it seems to be getting more crowded with lots more cars, scooters and motorcycles. Perhaps, because the last trip here we stayed in Ubud, away from the island’s hustleContinue reading “Cycling in Bali”

Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) 2014 comes to Cahaya SPK

  The 2014 Le Tour de Langkawi is currently ongoing in Malaysia from 27th February to 8 March 2014. This year’s race is perhaps the most challenging for the riders as the temperature ranges from 36 to 40 degree Celsius during mid day. Add to that the current haze and drought the country is facing.Continue reading “Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) 2014 comes to Cahaya SPK”