Putrajaya: The Cycling Capital of Malaysia

My earlier post on cycling in the haze in Putrajaya may not fully represents how beautiful this place is for cyclists and non cyclists alike (that’s my simplistic grouping of humankind in the world today). A week has passed and the air quality (and great pictures) has started to come back at Putrajaya and withContinue reading “Putrajaya: The Cycling Capital of Malaysia”

Cycling in the Malaysian Heat

The Formula 1 race in Sepang, Malaysia has always been touted as the “Hottest Race of the Year” and rightly so as the temperature outside the car can be in excess of 40 degree celcius plus the humidity. Inside the race car cockpit and with the driver in full uniform and a full face helmetContinue reading “Cycling in the Malaysian Heat”

Cycling for a Cause

We cycle for different reasons i.e. to keep healthy, for fun, social networking with friends and to make new friends; more often than not, it is always about ME. Today about 60 cyclists (connected and brought together by a Facebook posting) joined up to ride for a charitable cause, to collect funds for the HomeContinue reading “Cycling for a Cause”

Cycling with Kids – Seven Fun and Safe Routes

My three boys sometimes follow me cycling during the weekends. When we do cycle as a family, my main concern is to find a suitable route that is safe, fun with facilities ie public toilets, stalls selling refreshment, etc. for the boys. Although the housing area that we are staying is a great place toContinue reading “Cycling with Kids – Seven Fun and Safe Routes”

An Old Bike is Like an Old Friend

I just love old bicycles. To me they have so much character, with all their nicks and cuts, scars from the mileage they have put in over the many years.The fact that many of these old bicycles survived until today is proof that they were built to last. Like an old friend, they know aContinue reading “An Old Bike is Like an Old Friend”

Cycling up Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

If you feel like doing some moderate climbing you can cycle up Bukit Malawati in Kuala Selangor. To make it more challenging leave your 30-speed mountain bike at home and bring out your 6-speed 20 inch tyre folding bikes to do the job. The hill used to be a strong fort for the Selangor SultanateContinue reading “Cycling up Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia”

Cycling along paddy fields in Sekinchan, Malaysia

To escape the city where I live I would go Sekinchan 60km away and get transported in the middle of paddy fields. Here you will have depending on months either soothing green fields with golden rice or meadow of brown hay welcoming you. Cycling paths between the paddy fields goes on for miles with hardlyContinue reading “Cycling along paddy fields in Sekinchan, Malaysia”

Eating Post Cycling

One of the benefits of cycling around for about 2 hours or so and in the process burned off 200 calories is the guilt-free sense of entitlement of a reward to eat food that easily doubles or triple the calories you have just burned off. I guess more cycling is in order now. Let’s ride!Continue reading “Eating Post Cycling”