My Brompton, the little bike that could

These kind of shots are common for bike owners and especially for Brompton owners. The bikes are always positioned leaning against a wall, post, tree, bush etc (having bike stand not cool?) against nice backdrop minus the cyclists (of course, otherwise there will be no pictures). These pictures adorned our laptop wall papers like someContinue reading “My Brompton, the little bike that could”

Compulsive Bicycle Buying Disorder (CBBD) : It started with just one bike…

I’m amazed at the rabbit-like breeding capability of bicycle ownership (The initial single bike purchase has the ability to split itself like a single cell cancer growth). It would just take a single bike purchase to start you on the path of eventually having a bike for every discipline, different bikes for different sets ofContinue reading “Compulsive Bicycle Buying Disorder (CBBD) : It started with just one bike…”