Bike Touring in Malaysia: Day 4 Port Dickson to Putrajaya 73.2 km

Kayuhan Mental (It’s all in your mind) and some life lessons from bike touring The noise from the group of families camping and having their BBQ party until very late after mid night made it quite difficult for me to fall asleep the night before. I was trying hard to get some rest knowing thatContinue reading “Bike Touring in Malaysia: Day 4 Port Dickson to Putrajaya 73.2 km”

Bike Touring in Malaysia: Putrajaya to Malacca and back (15- 18 November 2012) – PRELUDE

Sometimes the best experiences in life come from unplanned adventures, an impromptu decision to take a right turn instead of going straight ahead, or a spur of the moment decision to join a bike touring trip made up of people you hardly know. Most of my cycling adventures thus far had been solo rides andContinue reading “Bike Touring in Malaysia: Putrajaya to Malacca and back (15- 18 November 2012) – PRELUDE”

Economics 101 of Cycling

There is a growing debate and criticisms of recreational weekend cycling activities that claim to be doing good for the environment ie “greenwashing”. Some claims that only utility cycling (carrying and transporting goods on a bicycle, trishaw, etc) and bicycle commuting for work or school (activities which otherwise would be done using vehicles that consumeContinue reading “Economics 101 of Cycling”

Putrajaya: The Cycling Capital of Malaysia

My earlier post on cycling in the haze in Putrajaya may not fully represents how beautiful this place is for cyclists and non cyclists alike (that’s my simplistic grouping of humankind in the world today). A week has passed and the air quality (and great pictures) has started to come back at Putrajaya and withContinue reading “Putrajaya: The Cycling Capital of Malaysia”

Cycling for a Cause

We cycle for different reasons i.e. to keep healthy, for fun, social networking with friends and to make new friends; more often than not, it is always about ME. Today about 60 cyclists (connected and brought together by a Facebook posting) joined up to ride for a charitable cause, to collect funds for the HomeContinue reading “Cycling for a Cause”

Cycling with Kids – Seven Fun and Safe Routes

My three boys sometimes follow me cycling during the weekends. When we do cycle as a family, my main concern is to find a suitable route that is safe, fun with facilities ie public toilets, stalls selling refreshment, etc. for the boys. Although the housing area that we are staying is a great place toContinue reading “Cycling with Kids – Seven Fun and Safe Routes”

Dangers of Mass Cycling

I like Mass Cycling events for the opportunity to meet friends, old and new. As a gathering of similar interest cyclists there is lots to talk about. However i am not a fan of cycling in a mass cycling event. I find it to be nerve wrecking actually with my trigger fingers permanently on standbyContinue reading “Dangers of Mass Cycling”