Bike Touring in Malaysia: Simple Malay phrases for survival on the road

One thing good about the internet, it is borderless and distance does not mean anything anymore. You can skype with a friend at the other side of the world, thousands of miles away real-time. Of course you still have the different time zones to deal with. Malaysia sits on GMT + 8 hours so byContinue reading “Bike Touring in Malaysia: Simple Malay phrases for survival on the road”

My Solo Century Ride on a Touring Bike

Definition of Century Ride A century ride is a bicycle ride of 100 miles (160.9 km) or more within 12 hours, usually as a cycling club-sponsored event. Many cycling clubs sponsor an annual century ride as both a social event for cyclists and as a fund-raiser for the club’s other activities. Club-sponsored century rides typicallyContinue reading “My Solo Century Ride on a Touring Bike”

My Brompton, the little bike that could

These kind of shots are common for bike owners and especially for Brompton owners. The bikes are always positioned leaning against a wall, post, tree, bush etc (having bike stand not cool?) against nice backdrop minus the cyclists (of course, otherwise there will be no pictures). These pictures adorned our laptop wall papers like someContinue reading “My Brompton, the little bike that could”