Cycling in Bali

I’m currently in Bali until tomorrow for a short break. The last time i was here was 8 years ago.

This place has really changed and it seems to be getting more crowded with lots more cars, scooters and motorcycles. Perhaps, because the last trip here we stayed in Ubud, away from the island’s hustle and bustle, where the only noise came from the paddy terrace of farmers chasing away the birds.

This time around we stayed in Seminyak which is near Legian and Kuta at Jl. Bali Deli. The place has about 4 bicycles for guests to use and I took the opportunity of experiencing cycling in the city.


Yesterday I cycled to Dhyana Pura beach and after that took the Jl.Raya Seminyak down to Legian and then Kuta and back. Generally the roads are narrow with practically no shoulder for bicycle. I have to compete for space with the many motorcycles and taxis which always hogged the roadside. But I must say that other motorists are very considerate with cyclists and always honked whenever they wanted to pass me ( either that or they were pissed off with me slowing them down 🙂 )

Be careful with potholes especially after the rain as you cannot gauge how deep they are. Waiting to cross intersections must be done with caution as many motorcyclists would veer away from their own lane into the opposite lane. So while cars and taxis would normally stop, I can’t guarantee the same for the motorcyclists.

Given that it is an island I imagined of seeing more people cycling to get around but in fact there are very few cyclists around. The preference these days has to be motorcycles/ scooters.


Today I cycled through Sunset Road to Jl. Kerobokan, down to Jl. Petitenget to Jl Oberoi back to Jl. Dhyana Pura back to Jl Seminyak which formed a nice small loop to sample the cycling environment in the city.

Overall, it was fun to cycle in town, just a relaxing pace with a lot of stops at the interesting shops and sights. A great alternative to hiring taxis. I recommend one to do so if you’re here.


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